The Mind Games - Lori Brighton

I havn't liked it much and took me too long to finish it. I finished it just to see where it ends. 
It went so hay-way at the end. 11th mins. surprises.
At one point of time Cameron was "alone" and all of a sudden she is having full fledged family with mom, dad n even uncle 

Lewis being so degraded, i would have been happy to see him with some action rather than giving Cameron his body warmth (nth time its been referred "he sat and his warm body") eewwuuu!!!
Stop it!! world is at stake but that seems to be kept secondary.

And then comes the dear mother, which is total puzzle till the end. ofcourse, the dear father... i mean Aaron was such a strong character in previous books and how come he is been depicted so feeble in here.

It ended with Cameron finding herself but what happened to others??  What with Maddox, Tara, her children and what happened to the children who were with Deborah. They just mentioned 5 kids at the end with Deborah.  So guess its upto reader to assume on the basis of bits & pieces provided in between.  

Guess, author wanted to keep it that way, as there is part 4 to this series. But i have lost my interest in this series with this book.

Finally, i did rushed the end pages, i skipped many of descriptive paras as i was so exhausted with this i just wanted to end it.