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Bike Ride Charity Event for Cancer Research...

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My husband supports several charities and a few times a year he takes part in cycling events and helps raises money for his chosen charity.  Things closer to home have resulted in him taking on an extra charity to support this year. 


One of my husband's co-workers has recently been diagnosed with Cancer.  My husband and a few of his workmates have decided to take part in a 45 mile organised Bike Ride Event to try and raise funds for Cancer Research on their colleague's behalf.


The five man team are taking part in the Moors and Shores Adventure X Mini Massif on June 15th this year in Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire and have been raising sponsorship for the last few weeks. So far they have raised almost £800 from friends, family and by approaching local businesses. 



None of the guys have an online presence but they have set up a donation page for sponsorship and are giving out the web address to everyone they meet.  I said I would make a post about it to try and help them get closer to their £1000 target.  If anyone sees this and finds they have a few coins spare, please consider donating to their event, it would mean so much to them (and me). Their justgiving donation page can be found at -


Every little counts and the money goes directly to Cancer Research.


I know money is tight everywhere though so please don't feel obliged, I just wanted to try and help them out by doing my little bit :)


I'm not going with them to Yorkshire but I've told them to take lots of photos and I'll share those when they get back. 


If you made it down this far...Thank you :D





The Mind Games - Lori Brighton

I havn't liked it much and took me too long to finish it. I finished it just to see where it ends. 
It went so hay-way at the end. 11th mins. surprises.
At one point of time Cameron was "alone" and all of a sudden she is having full fledged family with mom, dad n even uncle 

Lewis being so degraded, i would have been happy to see him with some action rather than giving Cameron his body warmth (nth time its been referred "he sat and his warm body") eewwuuu!!!
Stop it!! world is at stake but that seems to be kept secondary.

And then comes the dear mother, which is total puzzle till the end. ofcourse, the dear father... i mean Aaron was such a strong character in previous books and how come he is been depicted so feeble in here.

It ended with Cameron finding herself but what happened to others??  What with Maddox, Tara, her children and what happened to the children who were with Deborah. They just mentioned 5 kids at the end with Deborah.  So guess its upto reader to assume on the basis of bits & pieces provided in between.  

Guess, author wanted to keep it that way, as there is part 4 to this series. But i have lost my interest in this series with this book.

Finally, i did rushed the end pages, i skipped many of descriptive paras as i was so exhausted with this i just wanted to end it.

Paradise - Judith McNaught

This is my first book of this author. The style reminds me a lot of other author which i read. 

Meredith and Matt,

all characters are so well described .Although i would liked to have some more of Lisa in this. The story is nothing different, its quite obvious and can easily be guessed. Still it was a read that brings smile and tears too. 

Love, separation, heart-ache, revenge ... all is available in this.

Breakable - Tammara Webber

This book is although a prequel of "easy" and POV of Lucas/Landon, but this is not a boring repeat of the previous. Infact its having lot new stuff which talks about Landon/Lucas.

The struggle and coping of Landon to Lucas is the story plot and naturally the Lucas & jacqueline.

Easy - Tammara Webber

Nice read and such serious topic touched upon by author. Its horrifying how some creatures treat girls as an object. 

Best part of this story other than ordinary YA theme is the self-defense and the support shown, i.e., girl to girl support. 

Since, i want to know more of Lucas, will definitely be going for the 2nd book "breakable"

The Mind Thieves  - Lori Brighton

Cameron, the mind reader is a freak and she believed that there is no one of her type until she meets other mind-readers. 
She come to know of her powers but also come to know that whatever was told to her was a lie and she struggles to get fit into the present, which was kept hidden from her since long. 
Again she is at brink where she trusts no-one but her on instincts. All seems to exploit her for her powers.

The Mind Readers - Lori Brighton

Cameron is a mind reader and she has been told to keep it secret.
But things change drastically when she come across Lewis, another mind reader.
The whole world is upside down for Cameron. Whatever told to her is simply a lie and now she is not sure whom to trust with.

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

This is the story of a girl who is moved by her parents to attend a school in new country with new ppl. Its easy read and lots of school drama, 

All in all good funny read,

"A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading."
Gone Girl: A Novel - Gillian Flynn

Well, this is kind of story which is not about happy endings.
and no justice served.

The first half of books was kind a reading out journal and not vry intrsting but i read reviews and was going on in anticipation that it might get better and it did..
story picked up pace in last 60% and its good.

Making Faces - Amy Harmon

Really liked it.

Lots of emotions.

Little boring at start
Then getting better
At the end things were quite expected so not much more surprise element as such.

Lots of losses and many happy moment. Made me laugh, made me cry.

This is one of those books which once u start u can't keep it down unless u reach the end.

Reading progress update: I've read 143 out of 405 pages.

Making Faces - Amy Harmon

Man!! This is so good, i wonder y hv i kept it for so long.
Initially when i started i was hving apprehension that it might sound like another book which i read couple of months back. You know uncurable disease and attached emotions but i was so so wrong.
Its simply too good uptill now.

Shiv Crew - Laken Cane

Nice Action Packed.


Liked Rune and her gang.. Shiv-Crew, Beserker her knight in shining armour or so..

It is finished but left me as a reader unsatisfied, now that's what series do... Getting the 2nd book soon,

Reading progress update: I've read 246 out of 258 pages.

Shiv Crew - Laken Cane
Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare

It was good Epilogue, winding up everything.



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