Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover I was to give 4 stars to it coz i actually liked it, it made me laugh actually "laugh out loud" Lolz ;)
But the moment absurdness of thoughts/emotions started and confusion and complexity.... it made me think what the hell, ... it was like the stories of two.. gal n a boy from two different perspectives, ONce when u r on the other side and secondly when u r in their own shoes, OK may be its bit more but its more or less like this only. one couple, 3rd person and again one happy couple and sudden change of emos.

Sydney love Hunter and he also feel same but he ALSO ALSO feel something for Tori
Maggie loves Ridge and he loves her as well but he ALSO ALSO feel something for Sydney.

C'mon be one sided man.
Or was it sympathy ????? (well this thought struck me NOW).. Now that changes my view and it gives me feel of Ridge as selfish one who wants to be hero, no matter how much he hurts other in doing so.

Anyhow still i liked reading it as i said it made me laugh. :D
I loved the part wherein sydney, ridge and warren played pranks to each other. Infact i like character of warren most, though it was very less but whatever part it was, i liked him.